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Friday, December 5, 2014

Live in the Day

Aden and William have both taken creative writing this year. They've had the pleasure of learning under Mrs. Amy Bainbridge, a gifted and creative teacher. Today she provided Aden's class with a wonderful video prompt for the class' writing warm-up: 250,000 bouncy balls making their way down the streets of San Francisco. See the link here: Bouncy Balls in SF . In response to the prompt Aden wrote a poem and she has generously given me permission to reprint it here. Enjoy.

Live in the Day

Life is a blur
Colors bounce past
Live in the moment,
For this will not last.

Look out the window,
And up to the skies
See the blue and the gray
Bounced back in your eyes.

Touch the green grass,
The cool slimy water
Live in the day,
For it’s like no other.

Think of the colors
Surrounding your life
Think of the days
Of sadness and strife

But be optimistic,
Not happy, not sad
Just have the knowledge
That you’re thinking glad.

Look out the window,
As colors bounce past
Live in the day,
For this life will not last.

- Aden Dravenstott, grade 8

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