Iconic Standoff

Iconic Standoff
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Breakfast and Birthdays

Mom and Dad / Nana and Papa are in town and in their honor the wind stopped and the sun came out. We kicked off this day of their joint birthday celebration by consuming vast quantities of gluten-free pancakes and eggs at The Pancake House. William ordered a plate with seven pieces of bacon, which he kindly shared. As my brother, James, says, "bacon is the candy of meat," and our family consumes it the same way.

Last night we watched lip-syncing battles from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and nearly rolled off the couch laughing at Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Emma Stone. Paul Rudd's take on Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" (Jimmy Fallon Paul Rudd lip sync) became an instant classic and so inspired my sister, Karen, that she had her fourth-grade class do a rendition of the same song during a long, rainy-day lunch. I have hopes of staging a  family lip-syncing competition this evening in honor of Nana and Papa's birthdays. Daniel has already picked "Counting Stars" by One Republic and he's rehearsing in the family room now.

In other news, The Denver Post has published several letters from SPEAK for Cherry Creek parents this week. The letter that I wrote several days ago was published yesterday under this link: Opposing School Reform Isn't Hysteria. I hope the legislators are paying attention to the Op-Ed pages!

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