Iconic Standoff

Iconic Standoff
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Book-Lovers Unite

My kindle is useful for reading in hotel rooms when the kids are sleeping, for keeping the piles of books from encroaching further into my living space, and for saving the life of trees. On the negative side, they can't be underlined, you can't flip back to find out who belongs to what family, or where that miraculous quote was that you want to copy. Also, online books have an irritating habit of announcing how far along you are in a book by percentage, pages, and reading time. I feel like I'm under the gun to finish in the allotted time. A friend of mine confessed at lunch that she had kept track of how many pages were left in her book and was shocked and horrified when it ended forty pages early! Turns out the additional forty pages were acknowledgments and the chapter from the author's next book. The unexpected ending became unsatisfying and anticlimactic even though it happened exactly as the author intended. My best solution so far has been to read both types . . .which has really just meant spending money in two places versus just one!

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