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Monday, November 7, 2016

Sleep Injuries and DST-lag

It's odd how previously accepted and safe activities become dangerous with age. Take sleeping, for example. I can go to sleep after reading a few pages, blissfully tired and lacking any particular aches or pains. Seven hours later, the alarm goes off and - surprise! - I can't get out of bed due to crippling back or neck pain.  A friend and I were laughing about these 'sleep injuries' at a swim meet, where the young people sat on concrete with horrible posture, swam miles of races, and reappeared the next day without limp or crick.

I also find sitting to be precarious, especially in a car or on a couch. Watch out for those dangerous obstacles, my friends. The couch, in particular, appears innocuous but deals a mighty punch for those who lounge too long in its cushions. Our road trip dealt me a smack down by way of upper back tension, a combination of high-boredom driving and poor posture.

The chiropractor is calling my name today, or at least it will be as soon as I get over the jet lag from Daylight Savings Time. Though I welcomed the extra hour of sleep, it will take me several days to adjust. I'm like our cat, Rex, who haunted his food bowl ninety minutes early at all three meals, confused about the new schedule. Don't change the time, and don't make me sit on soft seats. No road trips for a week or two, so perhaps I'll escape injury, at least until preparing lunches today when the butter knife takes a chunk out of my thumb.

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