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Monday, November 21, 2016

Cracking Eggs

"I brought an egg and offered this: a chick knows when it's time to peck through the shell because a toxic gas is released chemically inside the shell. This is so noxious it causes restless activity and a crackling release! This biologic can be applied to our lives and collective events. Have we cracked through, enlarged in the life we find ourselves inhabiting now?" - Dominie Cappadonna, Ph.D., CT,

Swastikas spray-painted on driveways, Confederate flags flying again, people living in fear of deportation - noxious fumes. Regardless of political party or political vote, we should all be able to agree that acts of hate and prejudice have no place in our society. The social progress of the past eight years has apparently generated upwellings of these toxic emotions, which were suppressed during the years we were all behaving more circumspectly.

But if those gases existed all along, if the acts were just more disguised or unobtrusive, then we have not created a monster so much as released one. And you have to see the monster to kill it, just as the chick has to break the egg's shell to escape. So now that the intolerance made visible, the discomfort and dislike have emerged, let's surround it with acceptance, with a passion for justice. Let's break out of our walled cells and run around in freedom, seeking the joy of release for everyone under the sun.

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