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Monday, July 18, 2016

Ramblin' On

I'm writing in the kitchen this morning, grateful that our house fan dropped the indoor temperature from 80 degrees to 72.  Another scorcher simmers outside and I'm carefully calculating how long I should leave windows open before trapping the cooler air and crossing my fingers that it lasts until lunch. It's a summer routine that never fails to challenge; if life is in the details then for me, in summer, it's all about keeping the house cool.

Another week begins, with Daniel at Nature Camp with friends each morning and doctors' visits filling the calendar each afternoon. Aden and William are home after traveling last week for a mission trip and a water polo camp, respectively. Aden arrived at church last night around 5pm, after their caravan got stuck in weekend traffic in the mountains. The church bus had broken down and so the 16 people were crammed into minivan rentals.  She had a good trip working hard at a warehouse/thrift store and food pantry, but was glad to be in her own bed last night.

I retrieved William in Los Angeles last Thursday, and spent a blissful solo night courtesy of Karen at her chalet in San Pedro. Then a day at Pepperdine watching water polo and walking the hills of the campus before taking William and his friend home via Santa Monica beach and LAX. Watching the camp counselors at work, I shook my head in disbelief that my son will one day have the same tremendously broad shoulders and defined musculature as these athletes.

The kids' adventures are such gifts, and we're lucky to have opportunities for their travel and growth in different areas. I'm glad they're still young, and want to come back to us after five days or a week. In a few years we will be on college campuses for Aden, and they will pull away for longer and longer periods.

So I'll hold on to this week of kids at home, opening and shutting windows like a madwoman and sneaking the first season episodes of Outlander whenever I can. Rob got me hooked on the show, and now I can only think that our next travel adventure might be Scotland.  If we go, we'll take the kids, as I'm not eager to plan more time apart .

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