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Thursday, July 7, 2016

July post-Fourth

I just rescued Blackjack from the top of our refrigerator, where he inexplicably jumped to escape the torments of his "big brother" Rex, who has been chasing him around the house at top speed. They skewed our throw rugs, tore a few more holes in the leather couch, spouted a spray of kitty litter across the office, and finally - the refrigerator.  I cannot decide if they're inspiration or interruption.

Our reading instructor says "read and write each day" to which I respond wittily, "Argggh!"  The reading is no problem as I can do that anywhere - in waiting rooms for the ortho, the eye doctor, the pediatrician, the dentist. Three kids times four appointments equals dozens of hours spent in waiting rooms or waiting in the checkup rooms - lots of time to finish books and magazines.

Writing is more of an obstacle for me, hard to accomplish with muzak in the background and siblings clamoring at my knee for promises of "a treat" or a ride somewhere with someone. On the days I don't exercise early I come to my computer with coffee and the hope of some creative spark, which may or may not be generated in the allotted hour.

Aden and William have their final swim meet on Saturday (Daniel is done) and the summer team party that evening. Both kiddos leave Sunday morning, flying out from DIA to a mission trip and water polo camp, respectively. The counter is papered in swimming timelines and to-dos, packing lists and reminder stickies. My stomach flips each time I see flight info that does not include me.

Don't tell the kids, but this last month of summer will zip by at hyper-speed. Our early start date of August 11 means that my inbox is already full of check-in information and school forms. Hope everyone had a good Fourth and best wishes for July!

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